The Route

Actual Route. Updated as I go. NOTE: There are multiple pages of directions so you may only see the first page when you get to the map. Scroll to the bottom of the directions and click next page to see the next page of directions.

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You can find the mileage updated here.

Original Proposed Route.

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3 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Hugh

    Hey David,
    I hope your travels & conversations are going well. I just saw the map of your route. I hope you are going to hold off on walking to the Mexican Border until the fall. That heat down there will kill you. On the good side, however, a tornado may take you for one hellva ride …

    Keep on truckin!

    Hugh ;-)

    1. dhenry Post author

      Thanks Hugh. My current plans wouldn’t put me in the desert southwest until October. It will likely still be hot, but tolerable.

  2. Mac Swinford

    I was one of two bicyclists that spoke to you along the bike trail just east of London about 5 or 5:30 today (August 5th) . Best of luck to you. I am concerned that Route 66 in the Flagstaff AZ area could be bitter cold and snowy by the time you get there in the fall. Be careful.
    I didn’t speak to you at all about climate change, we were too interested in your rig. I am a geologist and would have been interested in your views on mans contribution to the warming climate.
    Thanks for the tip on the 380 mile-long bike trail in New York. We are looking for a new challenge.

    Take care


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