There are two ways to donate to the climate walk. You can support the walk directly at IndieGoGo. Or, visit my Crowdrise page to help me raise funds for an organization that I believe is doing what is needed to raise awareness about climate change – The Regeneration Project.

Other kinds of support

In many ways moral and logistical support is needed more than monetary support. I always love to hear from people who share my sense of urgency about climate change and/or those who have words of encouragement. I will also need logistical support along the way – including contacts at churches and environmental groups – and, in some cases, help getting through areas with poor walking routes (like rural highways with narrow shoulders). If you live along the route or know someone along the route, please let me know so that I will have another point of contact.

2 thoughts on “Support

  1. Jennifer

    I live in St. Louis, Missouri and would be happy to assist you in whatever way I can while you are in the area. I noticed you are crossing the Mississippi at McKinley Bridge as opposed to Eads, Martin Luther King or Poplar Street Bridges – this is a good idea, as the region just east of downtown is not very safe. Please feel free to contact me if I can offer any help.

  2. Stephanie

    Hi there. I recently saw you walk by my house on 5s in Mohawk N.Y. Well actually my thirteen year old niece said what the heck is that. I turned around as we were in our kitchen and there you go. I am honored to even have just seen you walk by for the cause you are supporting in this walk. I wish we could have been able to talk with you my niece is that generation we need to make an impact on to help change our future among all of us in this world. I am also concerned for the way this climate is changeing . Thanks so much for the determination you have.


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